You can use a combination of Search criteria to locate dances held in the database.
For the Dance Type, choose a dance type from the list or select ALL to search all dance types.
For the Dance Name, enter as much as you wish to narrow down the search, e.g., gras will include Grasmere Waltz in the results.
For the Inventor, enter as much as you know or leave blank.
If you want to find dances between two years enter the start year in the Year From and the end year in the Year To.
If you want all dances since a particular year, enter the year to start from in the Year From box and leave the Year To blank.
If you want dances up to a particular year, enter a year in the Year To box and leave Year From blank.
If you don't want to limit the results to years, leave both Year From and Year To blank.
If you want to sort the results, click on the Column Header that you want to sort by. Clicking the same header again will reverse the order.
Dance TypeDance Name or part ofInventor or part ofYear From or blankYear To or blank