Enter An Inventive Dance

Have you ever thought about entering your own dance?
Why not have a go? You just need an idea and your dance to be written down in a script.

Who can enter an inventive dance competition?
Any qualified professional in Ballroom, Latin or Classical Sequence with a Professional membership of an Association affiliated to the British Dance Council. (You only need to be qualified in 1 branch & not all 3)

How many dances can I enter?
You can usually enter 1 dance in each section. (you don’t need to have a dance in each section, e.g. you may wish to enter just the latin sequence)
If you are entering as a couple, then often the promoters will allow you to enter a dance each e.g. Joe Bloggs and Irene Smith, Waltz 1, Irene Smith and Joe Bloggs, Waltz 2. (Always check with the promotor)

What happens at an inventive dance competition?
The inventor(s) presents their dance (with a professional dance partner) and the adjudicators mark it through to the next round. If you reach the final, then it is placed in exactly the same way as a normal dance competition held under BDC rules.
You choose the music you want to dance to; bring along your CD and hand it to the DJ prior to your dance being presented.
If you reach the final, then you have to hand in your dance script (printed and with a memory stick)
If you are fortunate enough to win, you will teach your dance to the public at the event. Your dance then gets recorded via video and will be scripted in full by Brockbank Lane to be sent out to our members.

How do you write a script?
We have an example script in each section here: Example Script

A blank template is provided for you here: Competitors Script Template

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask. We are more than happy to help you out.

Good luck!
Martin & Sarah

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