Figure Descriptions

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In ballroom dancing normally commenced diag. centre down LOD in Waltz, Quickstep or Foxtrot. Lady always finished square, usual amount of turn ¾ or less, can be danced. Underturned usually turning ½.

Man’s steps identical to above but Lady underturning to finish in Prom. Pos. In Sequence dancing alignment may vary considerably.

In Ballroom dancing Man usually commences backing LOD with Heel Turn, turning ⅝ to R, Lady finishing square.

Man turns R to finish in Prom. Pos. Lady’s steps similar to Impetus Turn. In Sequence dancing alignments can be taken in any direction.

Always commenced in Prom. Pos. Lady curving anticlockwise three steps round Man. Man very slight turn L, Lady ⅜ turn L on three curving steps. Man RF forward hesitating while Lady takes 3 steps.

Man steps identical to Double Reverse Spin, Lady after Heel Turn takes 2 quick curving steps round Man on his L side.

Commenced with partner on R side, Lady instead of curving L, steps back LF, side RF, forward LF on L side Man, Man RF forward hesitating while Lady takes the 3 steps.

Man LF forward, RF to side, pivoting strongly L on toes, closing LF to RF without weight usually commenced down LOD or diag centre down LOD in Modern, amount of turn ¾ up to 1 complete turn – can vary. Lady, RF back closing LF to RF – Heel Turn, turning L, RF to side slightly back, crossing LF in front of RF, can be danced in Foxtrot, Waltz or Quickstep.

Exactly the same as ordinary Lock step in Quickstep except lower weight sharply onto both feet flat with checking action, finishing with weight on back foot, usually followed by a Ronde.

Dance first 2 steps of Whisk, 1,2 turning partner to Prom. Pos., Count 3 – position held (no whisk) Count 1 of next Bar, position held Count 2 LF to side and close RF to LF. Count 3 LF to side Partner square or in Prom. Pos followed by a Wing of Closed Wing.

Usually taken in Waltz, RF forward outside partner on R side Count 1, Count 2 swing LF forward allowing top part of body to incline backwards – (Pendulum effect), Count 3 cross LF in front of RF without weight regaining upright position.

Can also be danced in Waltz and Foxtrot. With RF behind Left, one must turn R on ball of RF and Heel of LF relaxing knee. If knee is not relaxed one finds great difficulty in performing this step correctly.

LF forward in CBMP (Heel lead) and strong R shoulder lead flexing knees – Check, replacing weight onto RF, can be danced in Waltz, Foxtrot and Tango.

Also with LF forward in CBMP, slight R shoulder lead, slightly flexing knees, RF to side slightly forward turning partner Prom. Pos. LF to side in Prom. Pos.

LUNGE (Not to be confused with Contra Check):
This is RF forward (Heel) R shoulder lead flexing R knee – Check replacing weight onto L foot usually danced in Tango.

RF to side in Modern usually against LOD. Lady RF back against LOD turning slightly R, both flexing knee – Check action (Lady almost sitting on Gent’s R knee) both transfer weight forward to LF, Lady usually turns square, could end in Prom, Pos. In Sequence dancing can be taken in almost any direction. Man closing with weight, Lady without weight.

Always taken in CBMP and Prom. Pos RF forward and across flexing R knee, Lady LF forward – Check action. Can be danced in Waltz, Tango and Foxtrot, invariably followed by Slip Pivot.

Usually taken after Chair or Fallaway Pos. Man usually LF back in Fallaway, RF back, partner square. Lady RF back in CBMP and Fallaway turning strongly L on ball of RF, slipping LF forward, short step, square to partner. In modern, usually taken back against LOD after Chair or back down LOD after Fallaway.

Man LF back in CBMP Lady RF forward on R side turning R on ball of RF closing LF to RF without weight ending in Prom. Pos. Man ending RF crossing in front of LF.

S – RF forward square to partner turning R
Q – LF to side slightly back still turning R
Q – RF back, R shoulder leading
Q – LF back in CBMP partner on R side
Q – RF back partner square turning L
Q – LF to side slightly forward
Q – RF forward in CBMP outside partner on R side
S – LF forward square to partner, ¼ turn R on steps 1-4, ¼ turn L on steps 5-8. Only danced in Foxtrot

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