Script Abbreviations

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Acr Across FCG Facing Prom Promenade
Align Alignment Fig Figure Ptg Pointing
Agst Against F Foot Ptnr Partner
Alg Along FF Foot Flat Q Quick
B Ball Fwk Footwork Rev Reverse
Bk Back FWD Forward R Right
Bkg Backing H Heel RM Room
BoF Ball of Foot Hd Hold RF Right Foot
C Centre HDG Holding S Slow
CBM Contrary Body Movement IE Inside Edge Sl Slightly
CBMP Contrary Body Movement Position L Left Sm Small
Comm Commence LF Left Foot SQ Square
Commg Commencing LOD Line of Dance T Toe
CPP Counter Promenade Position Nat Natural Tn Turn
Ctr Centre NFR No Foot Rise Tng Turning
Dbl Double OP Outside Partner Twds Towards
DC Diagonally to Centre PO Partner Outside W Wall
Dn Down Pos Position W/o or W/W Without Weight
DW Diagonally to Wall PP Promenade Position WF Whole Foot
Diag e/o Diagonally End of Prog Progressive

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